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FUJITSU PCI Fibre Channel 3.0 Update1


"FUJITSU PCI Fibre Channel 3.0 Update1" is a fibre channel card driver.


Operating Environment

Be sure to confirm the installed operating environment before using this driver.

Server Model
  • GP7000F family
System Requirements
  • Solaris 2.6 (Hardware Release 5/98 or later release)
  • Solaris 7 (5/99 or later release)
  • Solaris 8
  • Solaris 9 (Notes)
  • Solaris 10
Hardware Fibre Channel Card
  • GP7B8FC1U
  • GP7B8FC1X
1, 2Gbps Fibre Channel Card
  • PW008FC2U
  • PW008FC2X
  • PW008FC3U

Product manual

The following driver manuals provide information on functions, revisions and upgrades.


  1. Please maintain the following precautions when using Solaris 9 9/04 or Solaris 10
    • Although the disk array equipment connected through the fiber channel card may appear as an installation device, it cannot be used as an installation device.
    • Do not use a tape device or a disk raid system, connected by a Fibre Channel Card (GP7B8FC1U, GP7B8FC1X, PW008FC2U, PW008FC2X, or PW008FC3U), when the system is boot from CD-ROM/DVD or INSTALL/BOOT server.
    • When upgrade installation is carried out Solaris9 9/04 or Solaris10, Please act re-install FUJITSU PCI Fibre Channel.
  2. Installation
    • To install the driver, use the installer ( which is included in the driver package.Do not use the pkgadd (1M) command.
  3. Patches
    • The patch for this driver is 914180-XX.
    • If you use a Solaris 10 environment, "FUJITSU PCI Fibre Channel Driver 3.0 patch" exists besides the above-mentioned. The patch for "FUJITSU PCI Fibre Channel Driver 3.0 patch" is 120811-XX.
  4. Others
    • For more detailed information, refer to the "2.3 Notes" of "FUJITSU PCI Fibre Channel 3.0 Update1 Installation Guide"


Before downloading and installing the driver ensure you have read and understood the notes and had necessary information on operating environment.