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Before starting any download, please fill in all radio buttons(Yes/No) below.

You have engaged/are engaging/will engage in the development(*2) of Weapons of Mass Destruction(*1).

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You will use this downloaded contents for:
A. the development(*2) of Weapons of Mass Destruction(*1);
B. development(*2) of nuclear fuel or nuclear source material, research on atomic fusion, development(*2) of nuclear reactors (excluding light-water reactors for power generation) or their parts or supporting equipment, manufacture of heavy water, processing of nuclear fuel, reprocessing of nuclear fuel; or activities stipulated below and carried out by administrative agencies of related to military or national defense, or carried out by the entities which have apparent contracts with these agencies:

a. Development or manufacture of chemical substances
b. Development of microorganisms or toxins
c. Development of rockets or unmanned aircraft
d. Aerospace research
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(*1) Weapons of Mass Destruction

- Nuclear weapons
- Chemical weapons
- Biological weapons and toxic weapons
- Devices spreading bio-chemicals for military use
- Rockets with at least 300km of range
- Unmanned aircrafts of at least 300km of range

(*2) Development

- Development, production, usage or storage